Grounded Rooting Hormone

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Discover 'Grounded,' the unparalleled rooting hormone, conceived by plant scientist Dr. Allison Justice, PhD. This patent-pending formula not only promises to elevate your rooting experience but sets a new standard in plant propagation.

Every pack of 'Grounded' is specially formulated to create one liter of highly effective rooting solution, providing your plant cuttings with optimal growth potential. Simply mix it, and witness the remarkable root development that 'Grounded' stimulates, outperforming any store-bought brand with ease.

Whether you've mixed it or kept it in the packaging, 'Grounded' rooting hormone retains its effectiveness for up to two years when refrigerated. 

This premium product surpasses common store brands not only in quality but also in value. Experience a top-tier rooting hormone that is not only far superior but also remarkably less expensive than the alternatives.

Grow with grace. Harvest with happiness. Let 'Grounded' transform your roots today.

This product is a research validated product which contains a proprietary mix of auxin. 

Mix packet with 1 liter of water and store in the refrigerator for up-to two years!

Patent Pending.

*Your purchase is a donation to cultivation research*